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Since Plex has killed 3rd party plugins completely, our good ol' plugin is not working anymore. But fret not - we came up with an alternative. 🙌

(Before we start, note that this guide is for macOS and certain steps might vary for Windows or Linux. rclone's mounting guide explains what you need to do for each OS, but if you still can't figure out what to do, feel free to contact us via the Intercom bubble on the right bottom corner of your screen. 💬)

Basically, you'll mount your account on the device that runs your Plex server via rclone, and then show that folder to Plex as a media folder for your library.

Here's a step-by-step guide for what you need to do: 

1- First step, you need the latest version of rclone. For that, follow the instructions given here by rclone:

(We don't suggest installing rclone via Homebrew on macOS, as mount is not supported with this method.)

2- Now, you need to add your account as a remote source. Here's a one-line command that you can paste to your terminal to do that very quickly:

rclone config create putio putio

 You can also follow the steps here on their integration page:

3- After completing the authorization of your account, create the folder you want to mount the remote. 

mkdir ~/putio-local

for example. 

4- Before mounting, an additional dependency called FUSE has to be installed for macOS. You can download it from here and here's their FAQ page on how to install it.

5- You can now mount your root folder or any folder you like to your local with the mount command: 

rclone mount remote:path/to/files /path/to/local/mount --daemon --allow-other

You should replace remote  with the name you have given to your remote. 

Then, if you want to mount your root folder, you should type in / instead of path/to/files . If you want to mount a specific directory in your account, you should type in the path for that directory like this: /foldername/subfoldername .

The --daemon  part will make sure that the mounting process runs in the background so that you can safely close your terminal window. 

Example command if you've named your remote "putio", want all your content mounted and picked your local directory as "putio" under your home directory:

rclone mount putio: ~/putio --daemon --allow-other

Here's more detailed info on this:

4- Now, we need to add this mounted folder to Plex as the final step. To do that, select + Add Library on Plex, choose Other videos, name your library and click on Next. Afterwards, you should be able to select your mounted folder when you click on Browse For Media Folder.  

That's it! After the library scan is completed, you should have your files on Plex!

PS: The --allow-other flag allows the plex user to access the mount.

PPS: For less buffering, after adding as a remote in rclone config, you can also try adding a cached version of that remote and mount that instead. But this is a whole new article we promise to write a bit later.

PPPS: This is rare but if you notice that it keeps disconnecting after mounting, try it this way:

--daemon-timeout 30m

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