There's a known issue with JDownloader where you might be receiving a Temp. Disabled error on JDownloader while downloading files from We suspect that this has something to do with how JDownloader handles your login info and makes too many failed requests and 401 errors which result in your IP address getting temporarily banned. 

We're in contact with JDownloader and they don't know why this is happening yet, but here's how to contribute to the solution if you're experiencing this problem: 

First of all, you'll need to send the error logs directly to the JDownloader team via

To obtain the logs, you need to enable the debug mode on JDownloader, restart JDownloader, wait for the error to occur again and then create a log. This link includes the instructions for this:

After gathering the necessary info, hopefully they'll be able to resolve this issue. 

As an alternative, you can take a look at this help article to find other download managers that'll work for you.

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