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Use put.io via FTP or WebDAV

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put.io supports read-only access to your storage via FTP and WebDAV protocols on top of the web-based interface and the API. Here is how you can set them up:


Instruct your FTP client to use ftp.put.io as the server address and use your put.io username and password as credentials. We support FTP over TLS/SSL for extra security, so make sure you enable your client to use that when connecting.

Due to the nature of the FTP protocol, FTP connections are always made to our servers in the Netherlands and all data will also be routed through there. This might make this connection a little bit slower than normal web-based downloads. So, if possible use WebDAV.

Pro Tip: If you need to give your FTP or WebDAV account to some other service but feel uneasy about sharing your password, you can use an OAuth token as your password by prefixing it with "token/" like this: "token/OAUTH_TOKEN".

Check out this article if you're not sure how to get an OAuth token.


Instruct your WebDAV client to use webdav.put.io using the HTTPS protocol (note, this won't work in a browser) and use your put.io username and password as credentials.

Our WebDAV endpoint does use your selected proxy and will give you much better speeds. However, that mechanism uses HTTP Redirect which might not be supported by some WebDAV clients (for example, currently, Transmit on macOS has problems with it).

We recommend the Cyberduck client for Windows and macOS. 

If you are on Linux, you can use davix command-line client.

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